Carousel Day School Fosters Positive Educational Experience For Every Learner

Carousel Day School in Hicksville, NY recognizes that a positive early education experience prepares children for a lifetime of successful learning. Since 1956, we have committed ourselves to providing a safe, fun and enriched learning environment for our students to help them build a foundation for all their future scholastic endeavors. Our efforts have clearly paid off; now celebrating our 55th year of educating the children of the community, Carousel Day school was ranked the best private school in Hicksville 2010 and 2011 by the United States Commerce Association.

Carousel Day School: Celebrating The Strengths Of Each Individual Student

Carousel Day School, under ownership and direction of Eugene Formica, advocates that each child absorbs information in his/her own distinctive way. We firmly believe that no two students are alike. Based on that premise, Carousel Day School and staff are dedicated to understanding the specific strengths and capabilities of each and every student. We work continuously to ensure we provide a format specifically created to meet that child's individual needs and deliver the most positive educational experience for each child. In short, Carousel Day School believes that, rather than teaching by rote to a collective classroom, children should be engaged with on an individual basis to ensure each student's abilities are recognized and celebrated.

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